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Narrabri Shire Council Chambers

46-48 Maitland Street



Supplementary Report

Extraordinary Council Meeting

27 January 2021


Stewart Todd

General Manager



Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda                                                      27 January 2021


8          Our Civic Leadership. 3

8.2            Traffic Management Plan - Festival of Rugby Event, February 2021. 4


Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda                                                      27 January 2021

8            Our Civic Leadership



By 2027, we will proactively together to achieve our shared vision with strong strategic direction.


Through extensive community engagement, the Narrabri Shire community identified several civic leadership priority areas to be actioned over the 2017 - 2018 financial year.


Current services provided within the Narrabri Shire community include:

§  Integrated strategic planning and reporting

§  Community engagement and consultation

§  Representation and governance

§  Human resource management

§  Customer services

§  Information services

§  Financial services

§  Risk management

§  Compliance and regulation


In partnership with the community, government and non-government agencies, the Operational Plan will work towards achieving the following civic leadership strategic outcomes:

§  Improved community engagement and decision-making processes

§  Well established community, industry, government and non-government partnerships

§  Well maintained core infrastructure and service provision that delivers public value

§  Transparent and accountable planning and reporting

§  Financial efficiency and sustainability



Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda                                                      27 January 2021

8.2         Traffic Management Plan - Festival of Rugby Event, February 2021

Responsible Officer:    Stewart Todd, General Manager

Author:                         Shane Burns, Director Infrastructure Delivery

Attachments:               1.       Festival of Rugby Event - Traffic Management Plan  


Delivery Program Alignment

4 Leadership


4.1  We will proactively engage and partner with the community and government to achieve our strategic goals


4.1.1 Provide customer service excellence that is responsive to community needs




With the approaching Festival of Rugby being held in Narrabri from 1 – 6 February 2021.  The event requires a Traffic Management Plan.

The Traffic Management Plan has been provided by Santos, NSC has sought the views of various related bodies including Transport for NSW, Police and the Local Traffic Authority, each of which has endorsed the plan subject to several conditions detailed below including:

1)   Additional traffic controls on all entrances to the event.

2)   Assurance that vehci8les will not be vetted at the entrance to enable free flow of vehicles.

3)   Changes to the messaging board.

4)   Two way access to the event entrance.

5)   Provision of a wet weather parking option.



That Council approve the Traffic Management Plan for the Festival of Rugby Pending the following conditions.

1.    Priority must be given to vehicles “ENTERING” the vehicle parking area to avoid traffic congestion and banking back onto the Newell Highway.

a.   the same controls placed on the primary entrance need to be placed on other likely entrances to the event off the Newell Highway. i.e. managing signage, Speed Restrictions (40kmph) etc

b.   Vehicles should not be vetted or provided with information when entering, again to avoid congestion and traffic banking back onto Newell Highway. Marshalls shall position themselves accordingly to point/provide guidance only with discussions and/or exchanging of information taking place elsewhere

c.   Recommended VMS messaging leading into event weekend: (SPECIAL EVENT 5-6 FEB)

2.   Additional egress point to allow two way traffic from parking field:

a.   Please ensure there is two way access to parking area to enable vehicles to depart and enter, so as not to back vehicles onto highway. i.e. remove a fence panel.

b.   RE: Email from police requesting RMS provide wet weather option for parking.

a.   Please add wet weather option for wet weather parking. i.e. Showground or other.  

c.   Provision of appropriate Public Liability insurance to cover the event.




Rugby Festival Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required for the Festival of Rugby.

Current Situation

The TMP for the Festival of Rugby needs to be endorsed by Council. It required a recommendation from the Local Traffic Committee first prior to being endorsed by Council. This was carried out via email, by voting members of the committee. The Director of Infrastructure Delivery has also received confirmation that two-way access into Gately Field has been confirmed following requests from the Traffic Committee representatives. As the event will be held prior to the next Ordinary Meeting of Council, it was necessary to bring this item to the Extraordinary Council Meeting today.

Financial Implications


Statutory and Policy Implications

‘A guide to the delegation to councils for the regulation of traffic’ – NSW Roads & Maritime Services

(VERSION: 1.3 ISSUED: March 2009)


External Consultation

·    Transport for NSW

·    Santos

·    NSW Police

·    Dubbo Traffic Control

Internal Consultation

·    General Manager

·    Director Corporate & Community Services

·    Manager Parks & Open Spaces


Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda                                                        27 January 2021

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