Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes             17 October 2019

MINUTES OF Narrabri Shire council
Extraordinary Council Meeting
Boggabri Golf Club, Boggabri
Thursday, 17 October 2019 AT 6:28pm

PRESENT:                    Cr Catherine Redding (Mayor), Cr Cameron Staines (Deputy Mayor), Cr Ron Campey, Cr Robert Kneale, Cr Ann Loder, Cr Annie McMahon

IN ATTENDANCE:      Stewart Todd (General Manager), Daniel Boyce (Manager Planning & Regulatory Services), Zoe Saunders (Manager Community Relations)


Proceedings of the meeting commenced at 6.28pm.

1               Opening Prayer by a Member of the Narrabri Minister’s Fraternal

Members and officers were asked to be upstanding for the opening prayer read by Mayor, Cr Cathy Redding.

2               Acknowledgement of Country

The Mayor acknowledged the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Council met, the Kamilaroi people, and paid her respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

3               Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences

Minute  231/2019

Moved:       Cr Ron Campey                  Seconded:        Cr Robert Kneale

That apologies from Cr Maxine Booby, Cr Ron Campbell and Cr Lloyd Finlay be received and accepted.

In Favour:         Crs Catherine Redding, Robert Kneale, Ron Campey, Ann Loder, Annie McMahon and Cameron Staines

Against:             Nil

carried 6/0

4               Declaration of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


5               Items to be Considered in the Confidential (Public Excluded) Meeting


6               Our Society

6.1           Vickery VPA community consultation

Minute  232/2019

Moved:       Cr Catherine Redding      Seconded:        Cr Annie McMahon

1.    That Council note the results of the community consultation including:

a.    The net community benefits the Vickery Mine should deliver.

b.   The unanimous community sentiment to the current Vickery VPA offer.

2.    That Council reject the current Vickery Mine Extension VPA offer, for the following reasons:

a.    It does not meet the Council endorsed objectives for a planning agreement concerning the Vickery Mine Extension project.

b.   Accepting the VPA offer is not in the Public Interest.

3.    That Council reject the 30:70 VPA ratio proposed by Whitehaven due to it not withstanding rational critique.

4.    That Council request a revised VPA offer in the amount of $14.87 million; if an agreed payment schedule is in excess of two (2) years in length, associated payments are to be subject to CPI.

5.    That Council commit to expending the full VPA amount in Boggabri and surrounds.

6.    That Council request that the Independent Planning Commission require the upgrade of Braymont Road or a contribution of $7,467,500 and annual contribution of $67,600 (subject to CPI).

7.    If Council is unsuccessful in negotiating a VPA for the Vickery Mine by COB Friday 8 November 2019, Council receive a further report on the assessment of the community benefit of the Vickery project for Boggabri and Narrabri Shire Council, in the absence of a VPA.

In Favour:         Crs Catherine Redding, Robert Kneale, Ron Campey, Ann Loder, Annie McMahon and Cameron Staines

Against:             Nil

carried 6/0

7               Meeting Closed

The Meeting closed at 6:54pm.


The minutes of this meeting are scheduled to be confirmed at the Ordinary Meeting of the Narrabri Shire Council held on 21 October 2019.